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4 Steps to Success Using Forse
February 16, 2011 3:54 PM
Taking 5 minutes after each game this season can make you a player every team wants to sign!
There are many reasons why a player may be overlooked or not have a chance to stand out. With Forse hockey, we take that away by allowing the player to highlight himself after everygame by using a written recap and video to go along with his points and then throw that information infront of coaches and scouts on an ongoing basis. There is more to a players game than a stat line and it is important to show what each player does well and what makes them unique. 
Here are the "4" steps that Forse Hockey uses to Guarantee more exposure:
Step 1) After every game, take 5 minutes to update your Forse profile with stats, Game Recaps, or video.
Step 2) Every time your profile is updated, the Forse scouting system places you in front of teams looking to scout and follow you.
Step 3) Any interested coach or scout can click the “Add to Watchlist” button on your profile and start following you. 
Step 4) Coaches and Scouts following you will instantly receive notification’s every time you update your profile. 
85% of great plays you make will never make it out of the arena and if no one is there to see it, they get lost. Sometimes the difference between a "Top Prospect" and someone who is not is the number of times they have been scouted. Think about it, the more time a player is watched, the greater the chance that a coach or scout will see something impressive. What Forse has done is allowed players to show and tell coaches and scouts about the 85% of their game that will never be seen in a stats line.
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