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Player Finder
1) What do I do if my team is not in the team database?
Answer: In the team database section, there is a tab in the top right hand corner that reads “please click here if your team is not listed”. Once you click on the tab, an information box will appear. Fill out the information in the box and send it to Forse. Once Forse verifies that the information is correct, your team will be added to the team database and an e-mail will be sent to you notifying you that your team has been added.
2) Why is my profile not showing up in the search results after I’ve used the Player Finder?
Answer: If you have created a profile but have yet to enter any stats into your game log section, your profile will not show up in the player finder until you do so. If you have created a profile and entered a team that has not yet been verified by Forse, your profile will not show up in the player finder until your team is verified and entered into the database. NOTE: Once your team has been verified by Forse, an e-mail will be sent notifying you that your team can now be found in the team database section. Use the “edit profile” tab to make the change in team status from unverified to verified in order to get displayed in the player finder results.
3) Why do some teams show up in the Player Finder but others don’t?
Answer: Teams that are displayed in the team drop down section of the Player Finder all have at least one player registered with Forse. If a team is not showing up in the team section of the Player Finder, it means that there are no players from that team that have signed up with Forse.
4) How do I know which coaches and scouts are using Forse?
Answer: There are coaches and scouts from all levels using Forse every hour of the day. At the moment, these coaches and scouts have profiles that are kept private. As the Forse website evolves there will be tools introduced that will allow players to connect with coaches and scouts on various platforms. Coaches and scouts will regulate their privacy settings, which will determine whether or not they will be visible using the search function.
5) How do I upload video? What is an embed code?
Answer: Forse allows anyone to link as much video to their profile as they want through 3rd party video hosting. Using a site such as You Tube, upload your desired videos to that site. Once your videos have been uploaded, click on the “Embed” tab (usually found underneath the video on the right hand side). A box should appear with computer code in it. Copy this code and paste it in any video section of Forse and click save. Your video will now be displayed on your profile for everyone to see. If there are videos of you already on You Tube that were uploaded by someone else, simply find the video and once again copy and paste the embed code into the desired Forse video sections. NOTE: Some videos already on You Tube may not allow embedding. In this case you may have to contact the owner of that specific video for permission to embed it.
6) Why are the Forse classifications different than my state/high school classifications?
Answer: Forse has implemented their own classification system in order to standardize the different state classifications used nationwide. Although your Forse class may be different from your state class, this will have no effect on the strength or level of your team. This is strictly used in order for coaches and scouts to compare players of similar schools sizes nationwide.
7) What should I write in my “personal section” of my profile?
Answer: In the personal section of your profile, enter information such as academics (grades, SAT scores), other sports played, future plans (NCAA, Pro), future college/university aspirations, off season training stats/info, and any other personal information that you feel will make you stand out.
8) What should I write in my “accomplishments section” of my profile?
Answer: In the accomplishments section, list things such as MVP and player of the game awards, team championships, team accomplishments, all-star teams, and league awards. Remember, you can write about any accomplishment you want in this section, whether it is a personal achievement or a team achievement. Also, these accomplishments do not necessarily have to be just for one specific sport; rather, they can be for anything you think will make you stand out. Note: Forse recommends that you separate your achievements by year and by team or organization.
9) What should I put in my “references section” of my profile?
Answer: In the references section, put the contact information of past coaches, strength trainers, current coaches or any other credible source who would give a good indication of the type of person and athlete you are. NOTE: Forse advises that you receive permission from each individual used before posting any of their contact information under this section of your profile.
10) What is the search box used for?
Answer: The search box found to the left of the player finder tab on the top bar of the site can be used to search for ANYTHING that has to do with the website. Whether it is the name of a player, team, league etc., type it into the search box to find the results.
11) How do I use my Game Log and enter my stats?
Answer: Under the stats section or game log tab in your profile, click the “add game log” button and fill in your stats accordingly. For a better explanation, see the “How do I enter my Stats” button for an online video tutorial located beside the “ADD GAME LOG” buttons in the Stats section and Game Log section of your profile.
12) What is Forse’s instant scouting system and how does it work?
Answer: The Forse instant scouting system consists of the Player Finder, Game Log, Game Recap/video section, and the Watchlist section. Anyone can find you in seconds using the player finder, add you to their watch list, and then receive any update directly from you at any time. After each game you play, once your Game Log and Game Recap sections are completed, everyone will find out how you played and have access to your video within seconds. For more information, preview the game log/game recap and Watchlist sections in the online virtual site tour (on the home page).
13) How do I watch and follow other players?
Answer: Underneath the main picture on each individual profile is a button that says “Add to Watchlist”. Click that button on the player profiles you would like to track and these players will then be displayed under your Watchlist section on your profile page. View the section titled “Watchlist” on the online virtual tour for more details.
14) How do I open my Watchlist?
Answer: There are two ways to view your Watchlist. On your profile page under the main picture in the top left corner, there is a button that reads “View my Watchlist”. Click this button and it will take you to your Watchlist section. If you are not on your profile page, go to the top right hand corner of the website to a colored area that has three headings. The middle heading reads “Watchlist”. Click on that link and it will take you to your Watchlist section. NOTE: In order to view your Watchlist, you must be signed in.
15) How do I use the Player Finder?
Answer: When using the player finder, you can make your search as large or as specific as you want by filling out the appropriate drop downs. You do not need to fill out every box in order for the search to work. Only fill the boxes you need and click search. NOTE: For a better description of what the Player Finder is and how it works, view section 2 titled “Player Finder” in the online virtual tour section.
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