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Western Michigan University (NCAA DIV I) – Assistant Coach, Rob Facca
Forse Hockey (question): "How important is it for players to be bookmarking and sending their shifts with Forse Hockey, just to save you time with all the video that’s out there?"
Rob Facca (answer): "I tell kids all the time, and the one thing I tell a family is that there are only 59 division 1 college programs so we all can’t be everywhere at once. We all do our own recruiting, our own scouting, so if you are playing in a game somewhere and there is no one in the building and you have a good game, you’ve got to throw some lines in the water. If that means sending us clips, or sending us bios, or e-mails periodically, all it takes is one school to bite to help you move forward with your career. Obviously when you want to watch a kid and he’s already got his shifts clipped for you, it makes it that much easier."
Owen Sound Attack (2011 OHL Champions) - General Manager, Dale Degrey
Forse Hockey (question): "How important for players is it to constantly be updating their player resumes online with Forse hockey, where they get to put game by game blogs and constantly update video?"
Dale Degrey (answer): "Updating bios is always important. Anytime we can get our hands on information that is up to date it only benefits us and it is something I would try to recommend to all the kids. All the player’s coaches should be trying to help out in their pursuit of what they want to be, and if it means a Pro player or a junior player, then all the help they can get is a benefit to them."
U-17 USA National Development Program – Head Coach, Danton Cole
The U.S. National Under-17 Team is made up of the top Under-17 American born players. The team competes in the United States Hockey League (USHL)
Former USA NDP Players: Patrick Kane, Phil Kessel, Ryan Kesler, James VanRiemsdyk, Jimmy Howard, Ryan Suter, Erik Johnson, Al Montoya
Forse Hockey (question): "It is difficult to be everywhere at one time. How do you guys go about finding the players that slip through the cracks - what do you suggest to them to do as far as exposure?"
Danton Cole (answer): "It is hard to see everyone. If guys are in a league that’s kind of out of the beaten path, it is hard to get seen, so we get a lot of e-mails from guys and that’s a good way to make sure you’re pro-active and not being forgotten out there. I know we talked earlier a little bit about video, and sometimes it is tough for (our)guys to make a trip, you know, jump on a plane, fly somewhere just to catch a game where you have no good idea of what’s out there - but if we can get a little bit of a preview, at least to peak our interest, that’s a good way for players to promote themselves"
Pembroke LumberKings (CCHL, Junior A) – Head Coach, Sheldon Keefe
Pembroke won the 2011 RBC Championship (Canadian National Junior Hockey Championship as top Junior Team in Canada).
Pembroke is the longest running and winningest team in Canadian Junior Hockey League history.
Forse Hockey (question): "Forse Hockey allows players to upload their resume, their stats, game by game blogs and videos - obviously you can’t be everywhere at once, so how important is this to you and your staff Sheldon?"
Sheldon Keefe (answer): "Well it’s huge. It’s very easy to get caught up in the web that is junior hockey these days, and there’s so many teams across North America and so many players that are in demand, and so many players that are looking for spots across the country, and they are trying to sort through the mess of teams themselves. It is very easy to sort through things when you have it in one organized place, and you’re be able to get a better idea of the type of player that someone might be. It allows you to zero in on the type of kids you want, and get a little bit more background information and have the ability to view video. All those things really allow us to focus in on a smaller group as opposed to scattering all across North America and trying to figure out who might be the right fit, so anytime you can simplify things, it’s a huge advantage not just for teams, but for players as well."
Notre Dame Hounds (SJHL) – Head Coach, Kevin White
Former Notre Dame Players: Brad Richards, Curtis Joseph, Rod Brind’Amour, Wendel Clark, Teddy Purcell
Forse Hockey (question): "How important is it for players to be marking off their shifts, sending video highlights, and updating their resumes with Forse Hockey? As a coach you can’t be everywhere at once, so how important is this to you to receive this valuable information?"
Kevin White (answer): "Well that’s the way the world ticks now, it’s e-mail, video clips, YouTube, whatever medium these players can use to produce more excitement about themselves within whatever leagues they are trying to get into is an excellent opportunity for them. I know, just speaking on my own behalf, that if I do get a resume, if I do get a video clip, I am always going to look at him. I am always going to respond to that player because they put the time in to do that work. So if I was a player today, I would definitely be doing that stuff."
Kent Prep School – Head Coach, Matt Herr
In The Past 2 Seasons Kent Prep Has Sent Players To The Following NCAA Schools: University of New Hampshire, University of Michigan, Providence College, Northeastern University
Forse Hockey (question): "How important is it for players to be constantly updating Forse profiles and getting their resumes and videos out? How important is it to you being the head coach of a prep school since you can’t be everywhere at once?"
Matt Herr (answer): "We definitely want to be able to see these players. A lot of us at these boarding schools have other jobs, I used to teach 3 classes, and we’re not only dealing with hockey players. A lot of these colleges are dealing with only hockey players and they also can’t be all over the place at once. For us at a prep school, it’s very important to see a highlight tape, and not just a highlight tape, but see the players shifts, to see what assets they bring to the table, see what their weaknesses are, and also allow us to get a quick glimpse at the kind of student they are. Colleges at the next level (NCAA) I believe are looking for the same things. When you can go on one site and you’re able to see these things it offers a great opportunity for a coach, even sitting at home. We obviously want to see a kid on multiple occasions, but this gives us a snapshot of what type of player this could be."
Tri City Storm (USHL) – Assistant Coach, Josh Hockinny
Forse Hockey (question): "How important is it to have a site like Forse Hockey that allows players to put videos up, mark their shifts off, and constantly update their profile from game to game?"
Josh Hockinny (answer): "It’s huge for us. We might have a scout that sees someone but we can’t get out as a coach and it’s nice when you can go online and take a look and watch some video, or get to the site and see everything and take a look in different areas. It really does help us out and makes our job a lot easier when we have that access"
Vernon Vipers (BCHL) – Head Coach, Jason Williamson
The Vernon Vipers Won The 2009 and 2010 RBC Championship as National Canadian Junior Hockey Champions, and Were Finalists in 2011.
They Are Considered One of The Top Junior Hockey Programs in Canada.
Forse Hockey (question): "For Players wanting to get into a Vernon Vipers Jersey, what is the most important thing they can do?"
Jason Williamson (answer): "We have scouting staff that get out but especially leagues like ours where it’s a North America wide league and we get players from all over North America…to send off e-mails to coaches and get your name out there because I know that when I go watch a tournament and come across a name and you recognize that name, or you go watch a game and I’ll recognize a person’s name maybe from them just getting their name out there. You always do a little bit of homework, you go research anytime you get an e-mail, or video, or anything like that with a resume. The resumes are great and it gives us a background of what to look for, what the kid’s goals are, and it always sticks in the back of your head "ya, you’ve seen this kid before"…any press is good press."
Forse Hockey (question): "Talk about players who send you edited video - you guys would rather have raw video with just their shifts marked off than highlight reels correct?"
Jason Williamson (answer): "Yes. You can make any player look good in a highlight tape and you want to see things they do away from the puck. Just because you score a goal in a game doesn’t make you a good player that night, that’s something we always stress with our players, you’ve got to bring it every shift and if you go and just string together your best shifts on a highlight video that may look good, but then you are going to come to training camp or go tryout and the coach is going to say “well that’s not the same player we saw in that video because that’s just highlights”. We like to get out and watch players too, you’ve got to remember we are going to take a look, come watch the players live, but at the same time, like I talked about before, getting that out there, getting known, if you can get a video to us, and we see some things that we like, then we are going to be more inclined to go watch."
Forse Hockey (question): "So, for players in the remote areas that you need to get out to watch, you want to be prepped ahead of time, before you send a scout out there and spend all that money in the recruiting, correct?"
Jason Williamson (answer): "Yes exactly. Coming first hand, I came from a small town and I remember it being tough at times if you wanted to play, say for the Vernon Vipers, which I ended up being fortunate enough to do, but it came to me because of connections and timing, and you want to be able to create those connections and create that timing for yourself just in case it doesn’t happen. So like I said, you’ve got to self-promote sometimes."
Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL) – Head Coach, Paul Esdale
Forse Hockey (question): "What can you tell us about Forse Hockey and how it helps you with your recruiting process?"
Paul Esdale (answer): "I think it gives us a different perspective and access to different players that we wouldn’t be exposed to. Nowadays there’s how many players out there, and it gives us an advantage over the next team."
Brockville Braves (CJHL, Junior A) – Head Coach, Jason Hawkins
Forse Hockey (question): "How important is it for players to be marking their shifts and sending you game to game updates? How important is it for you to receive this accurate information?"
Jason Hawkins (answer): "It’s important. The biggest thing we look for with players sending video is we don’t want to see edited video. We get sent shifts when players score goals, but we want to see what the player does in their own end, how he competes, his hockey sense, his awareness, his body language."
Forse Hockey (question): "What do you recommend to a player who wants to one day wear a Brockville Braves Jersey?"
Jason Hawkins (answer): "I recommend that they contact us, we feel we cover North America quite well, but if a player gives us a heads up we’ll try to send a guy there to get a look at them, maybe to talk to them. If that isn’t possible then we do ask for game video so we can see what his consistency level is, not just game to game, but shift to shift."
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